In this episode of The Power Up Project, we cover:

〉Two fantastic new updates from Microsoft Teams.

〉What is Microsoft Teams?


In this episode of the Power Up Project, we talk about two fantastic new updates from Microsoft Teams.

Hey, welcome back to the Power Up Project. We’ve got some great updates today from the world of Microsoft Teams. So there’s a couple of interesting things that have crossed my newsfeed in the last couple of days. The first one is that Microsoft Teams is now available in a free version.

So just to recap for everybody, Microsoft Teams is, in a very simplistic sense, it’s a team chat tool, similar to Slack or Hipchat, or one of those ones. But, Microsoft Teams is so much more because instead of just having a chat channel in there, you actually use Microsoft Teams to bring together a whole lot of the other features and services within the Office 365 ecosystem.

So for example, when you create a new Team within Microsoft Teams, you will also have a SharePoint site sitting behind that to hold files that you might share with that team. You also have a OneNote file. You can also have a whole lot of other stuff in there, like it also still does just have that text chat. Teams on the longer term roadmap, is also slated to replace Skype for Business, or more accurately, the Skype for Business functionality, which is voice and video calling, is going to be merged into the Teams product set.

So keep an eye out for Microsoft Teams. It really does seem to be getting a lot of attention from the development world at the moment. So back to these updates that came across the newsfeed this morning. Like I said, the first one is that Microsoft Teams is now available in a free version. So to date, you could only use Teams if you used Office 365. Now I know so many of us use Office 365 these days, but you know what? There are still some people out there who don’t. So for those people, you can actually access Teams for free. That’s very exciting.

The other really cool part, and I love this. This is kind of, you know, the kind of big Cloud geeky bit. Microsoft has announced that Teams is now supporting in-line message translation. So think about that for a minute. In-line message translation. This is like BabelFish stuff for typed chat. So you can be chatting with multiple people, by text here, this is not spoken words here, this is not verbal. You can be text chatting with multiple people in multiple different languages, and Microsoft Teams is now capable of translating those other languages, on the fly, to whatever your selected base language is.

How cool is that? This stuff just blows me away. Isn’t technology amazing? Anyway. This is just a brand new announcement from Microsoft. It is apparently out there in the Teams Enterprise Tenants. I have not enabled it on our Tenant yet, but I will be doing so within the next 24 hours, and testing this bad boy out because I think that’s really cool.

We’ve got, I don’t know whether you remember this, but Grassroots IT, we have staff in multiple locations, so this may be a really fun too for us to test out, to communicate a lot easier with our staff over in the Philippines, and of course with our staff over in New Zealand. So stay tuned as we enable this fantastic new stuff and test it out. I will report back once I’ve had a chance to play.

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