#017: Try Out Transcribing in Microsoft Office

In this episode of The Power Up Project, we cover:

〉Transcription tool in Office 365 products.

〉What can the transcription tool do?




In this episode of the Power Up Project we talk about transcription in office products.

Welcome back to the Power Up Project, I’m your host, Ben Dampney.

Today we’re going to power up your business with transcription in office products. We have the ability in the Modern Suite of Office to transcribe our speech into documents or words in those applications. The applications that are currently waxing is Word, Outlook, OneNote, and PowerPoint, and I think this is a fantastic tool that people should take advantage of and try.

It’s a way that you can use your voice to get your thoughts and create a document in any of those products. That’s going to lead to increased speed and accuracy of what you’re producing but also maybe give you some options you may haven’t previously been able to do. Things like diary writing, letters, seem to come more naturally, I guess, if you’re speaking them rather than typing them. This feature is built into those products now in the Modern Suite of Office, you’ll see it as a transcribe or dictate button in the top right corner in those suite of products.

You can also add it into, for example, OneNote for Office 2016 and 2013 by going to the garage, the Microsoft Garage gives you the ability to download that product and add it in. Now, another feature that you may be aware of is some of the Office will also have a read aloud option that will read emails out to you. This is a great way to get through content that you may have, if you’re working on other things you can listen to those documents while you’re using your mouse and cursor on other locations on the page.

Now, a really exciting development that’s coming out that I think businesses should maybe consider is the fact that Microsoft is going to add automated transcription capabilities for one draught for business for both video and audio files slated for release later this year. This is a powerful, powerful offering that Microsoft is bringing. The ability to be able to get a video transcript or an audio transcript of content means that you can search for it in one drive, means that you can send message or meeting notes after the fact with details of exactly what’s been said in either a video or a meeting or recording in some fashion.

This is a fantastic service that previously up to now has been unavailable, using human labour, I guess, to the extent that that this will be available. It’s going to be automated, that’s what Microsoft is telling us, and will give us some fantastic insights into our data but also the ability to get more from our data that we have. Keep your ears out for that, that’s all I have today. I’d encourage you to all go out and try, firstly, the transcription services that are available in the Office Suite of products. Also, keep an eye out for the transcription of media content that’s coming later this year. I’m excited about it, I think we’ll to get way more for our content on the this.

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