#016: Microsoft Stream: Made More Accessible

Microsoft Stream: Made More Accessible

In this episode of The Power Up Project, we cover:

〉Recap on what Microsoft Stream is

〉Amazing news about Microsoft making it more accessible


In this episode of the Power Up Project we touch on Microsoft Stream and how it’s now available to even more Office 365 users. Welcome to this edition of Power Up Project, I’m your host Ben Love.

So we’ve spoken before about Microsoft Stream, which is one of the components of the Office 365 Suite, which so many of you use. Now Microsoft Stream just as a recap, is kind of like your own private … Private, that’s not the right word. It’s like YouTube where you can upload videos but it is private and secure to your organisation, so it’s not a public service, like YouTube is, that anybody can access. It’s part of your Office 365 tenant. It’s really primarily intended for internal use by other members of your Office 365 organisation. So it’s secured, it integrates really well with SharePoint and with Microsoft Teams, and with all the other cool bits of Office 365. But, up until now it’s only really been available either as a standalone purchase or in some of the higher end Office 365 plans.

Well, a recent announcement from Microsoft, finally, they’re bringing this thing down into some of the Office 365 business plans. So Office 365 Business, Business Premium, and Business Essentials, which are just three of the plans that you can choose from, will start to include Microsoft Stream. So this I fantastic news, mainly for those I guess smaller organisations that aren’t on the larger Enterprise E3, Office 365 plans, either because the don’t have the head count requirement or they don’t need some of those more advanced features. Well now we’re seeing Microsoft Stream as part of those plans.

So a lot of what we talk to our clients about, around this piece here, is how fantastic video is and stream is a great enabler of that for internal staff and team communications, for training materials, for documenting processes, huge range of uses there. So great news there. Microsoft Stream if you’re on one of the Microsoft Office 365 business plans, rather than the Enterprise level plans. It’s coming your way.

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