#013: The Latest Apple Updates You Might Actually Care About

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In this episode, we talk about:

> two recent updates from Apple you might actually care about

> the ‘screen time’ feature to help keep control of time spent on screens for you (or your kids)

> the Apple Watch 4 which comes with heart-monitoring


In this episode of the Power Up Project, we talk about two new features from Apple that you may actually care about.

Hey, welcome to this episode of the Power Up Project. I’m Ben Love your host for this episode.

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably a little bit blas√© about all the new announcements that continually come out from all the tech companies. Now, Apple is one of those tech companies that has their big annual event about this time of year where they have this massive keynote and it’s all very flashy. They release all of these amazing new products and new features.

Now, they’ve just had that over in the U.S. and yes, they announced a lot of new products and new iPhones and whatever else. But, to be honest, I don’t really care much about that. It’s a phone, you do a lot of cool stuff with it. The new ones have got bigger screens, they cost more money, etc. But you know what? There are two features that Apple did announce at this big keynote that I actually think are really cool and actually very useful. I wanted to take you through those two if you’re an Apple user.

Now, the first of those is a feature that comes in iOS 12, so that’s the operating system that runs on an Apple iPhone or, I guess, an iPod if they’ve still got those, the iPod Touches. This feature is called screen time, and what screen time does is basically measures how much time you use your screen, or in this case, obviously, your Apple iPhone. It gives you a great little breakdown of what applications you’re using, how much time you’re spending on each, how many times you’ve picked up your phone over the course of a day, whether your time is being spent on social media or productivity apps or what have you. They give you pretty graphs and all sorts of interesting information.

It’s actually pretty useful because if you’re anything like me, if you’re anything like my wife, if you’re anything like my children, then you probably spend a little bit too much time with your screens. This is a great app giving you some insight into how much time that actually is.

Now, apparently, this thing has also got some parental controls in there for those of you may need to control yourself or maybe control your children’s use of screen time. You can actually restrict that screen time. I haven’t had a chance to play with those features yet, but being the proud father of two, I have plenty of opportunity coming up, I’m sure. I will report back when I learn more about how screen time parental controls work in the new iOS 12.

Now, the second cool thing that Apple announced is the new Apple Watch 4. Now, I’m not so fussed about the fact that there’s a new Apple Watch out. I actually don’t wear a watch to be honest, I haven’t worn a watch in many years. The fact that there’s a new one out, meh, you know what. Probably a better screen, probably costs more, all the usual things. But interestingly enough, there is a feature on there, which is a real standout. That is the fact that the Apple Watch 4 is actually an FDA approved ECG device. What that means is that this thing can produce an electrocardiogram … Well, this thing can monitor your heart and produce electrocardiogram charts and analysis and whatever of what’s going on with your heart.

Now, this is pretty amazing because the potential of this thing is that you can use this device to monitor your heart, it can alert on, well, abnormal findings if you’ve got an abnormal heartbeat, what have you else. I’ve also seen it written that it will be able to alert third parties, so for example, friends and family, if it detects and abnormal heartbeat, and also detects that you’ve had a fall. Now, this is pretty amazing to me. This means that we’ve now got a consumer device that you can wear on your wrist at all times, and it’s a watch and it does all the other cool stuff, but if that health issue is a problem for you or someone in your family, someone you love, this device can also keep an eye on that particular risk for them and alert if this problem does occur. I think that’s amazing.

Now, in the fine print, the ECG feature does not ship with the brand new iPhone … I’m sorry … the brand new Apple Watch 4. From day one when these things physically start shipping, it will not have that feature in the software. However, the feature is slated to be released with a software update just a little bit further down the track. So, don’t go rushing out on day one to buy one of these things for that ECG functionality. But if that is of interest to you, then, you know, stay tuned to that piece of tech. It could prove to be interesting for you.

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