#23: Create Amazing Business Graphics with Canva

Create Amazing Business Graphics with CanvaIn this episode of The Power Up Project, we cover:

〉Canva is a web-based graphic design application perfect for creating awesome marketing graphics

〉Allows collaboration and provides a very user-friendly alternative to other complex graphic design tools



In this episode of The Power Up Project, we’ll be talking about a free, web-based app called Canva. Hello, I’m Annie, and today I am taking over the sound waves from the two Bens to talk to you about a topic that’s quite close to my heart. I’m the community manager at Grassroots IT, so I look after our branding and marketing. And, today I wanted to talk to you about a free web-based graphic design programme called Canva. In the history of graphic design programmes and software, years ago, there was a programme called Quark. It was really expensive, and really took some special skills from graphic designers in order to be able to use it.

Then, Adobe came on the scene, with their programmes such as Illustrator, and InDesign, and Photoshop, and really took over the industry. They have an amazing array of creative programmes, and many of them are still used today by most graphic designers. But what happened in 2012 was that a new guy came on the scene, an Australian company that brought in a free, web-based app called Canva, and really, what this did is brought the power of graphic design to everyday people and their businesses.

So, Canva is a free, web-based app, and it really enables people to put together their own graphic images, which they can then use on social media, or blogs, or websites. Now, I should put in a disclaimer here, that I think it is really important that you employ the services of a professional graphic designer in order to put together your branding strategy, so when it comes to things like logo, and colours, and fonts, you are putting out the right message into the world about who your business is and what the personality of your business is. I’m also very passionate about that branding message being consistent across the different channels.

Now, where Canva is great, is that once you have your branding strategy in place, you can then put together your own images, for social media channels. You can use it to make posters, or business cards. You can create images or you can create PDFs that you can send off to a printer, to have professionally printed. When you’re within the Canva app, it is super easy to use, and you have access to lots of different functionality. There are many fonts, and colours, and lines, and graphics. There are thousands of stock photographs that you can access for a small fee. There are predefined templates that you can customise for your own designs. There are different templates for various social media channels, so for example, if you want to create a Facebook post, it is the right dimensions for a Facebook post, or Twitter, or YouTube channel art, et cetera, et cetera. You can think of it. Canva’s probably got it.

Now, while the free version of Canva is awesome, we’ve taken as step up, and we use the paid version, which is called Canva for Work. Now, while it is a paid version, it is not super expensive. It’s about $150 per year, which is a small percentage of some of those professional design packages. You can pay that monthly or yearly. You can pay an additional charge if you want multiple team members to access that same account.

Now, where Canva for Work comes into its own is, I think, its ability to resize images. So, if you for example, set up an Instagram image, and then you decide you also want a version of that image to appear on Twitter and on Facebook, you can, with the click of a button, copy and resize that image, and it will automagically put it into the right dimensions for those other social media channels.

Now, if you’ve spent time fiddling around with images, trying to get them the right size, then you will know that this is worth its weight in gold. So, I think that is awesome. One of the other features of Canva for Work is that you can upload your own fonts, and you can set up basically a canvas of colours, so that all of your branded colours are in one place, and it’s really easy for you to access, to set up new templates and new designs for your business.

Now, if you just want to dip your toe in the water, there is a 30-day free trial, so head on over to Canva and have a play. Get creative, and see what you can create for your business.

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