Meet Ben Dampney

Ben DampneyComputers had always fascinated me since my step father brought home a Compaq portable computer to do some work from home in the early 90’s. This thing was complete with carry handle, a full size keyboard that clipped off the front and a screen that folded up. I remember the green screen and flashing cursor as I powered it up. After digging around in this and not breaking anything I realised that although amazing, computers weren’t some magical device but rather a wonderful piece of engineering. I was hooked from that point.

I began working for Compaq as a laptop repair tech and had a series of roles with them including helpdesk and field support services. They were bought out by HP which still survives today as the world’s largest computer manufacturer.

After a few years travel and working overseas, including a stint as a movie set greenery decorator, working on films like Harry Potter, Thunderbirds and Wimbledon, my now wife and I moved back to Australia and settled in Toowoomba. We have 3 kids, are currently renovating our home and at the moment I enjoy CrossFit and mountain biking.

We started Digit IT in 2007, with a view to providing a high standard of product and service quality in a personable and friendly fashion. Toowoomba has taken to that approach and through word of mouth our business is growing rapidly.

The exciting things for me at the moment is the adoption of the NBN, cloud computing and particularly Office 365. All of these are emerging technologies that empower our clients to work more effectively and focus on delivering their fantastic products and services

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